About Renaissance Swag

What is Renaissance Swag?

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? How can a term associated with male leggings, lances and harps be in the same line as one that connotes images of cocky rappers donning pants that fall below their knees and blinged out grills covering their teeth?! In layman’s terms, it’s the best of the old meets the best of the new. We fuse traditional values we highly regard with new findings, culture and freedoms of today.

We blend. We bridge. We harmonize.

Renaissance Swag is the past and the present synthesized into every single woman.

We are here to teach women how to be fit in mind, fit in body and full of soul and sass so that they may lead a life beyond their wildest dreams.


By creating  a toolkit of resources that integrate lessons we learn from our own past and those taught from past generations with today’s insights and privileges.

This is not an effacement of what our women were before us to replace it with modernity. We don’t erase Renaissance to be Swag. And we don’t knock out Swag just to be Renaissance.  We add Swag to our Renaissance.

We are Renaissance Women with 21st Century Swag!



That means that respect, loyalty, elegance, grace, dignity,and compassion are linked together with wellness, sexiness, spunk, individuality, flair, and voice.

Word breakdown:

Renais∙sance |ˈrenəˌsäns, -ˌzäns|  / Swag¹ |swag|


1. Renaissance; (from Latin nascentia, from nasci ‘be born’)

2. Comes from the Italian word rinascimento, meaning “rebirth.”

a.  A resurgence and revival of ancient Greek and Roman thought,  a time of the emergence of individual freedom and personal expression, and a growing cultural movement in art, science, moral philosophy, music and literature.

female painting

Oil Painting by Katerina Miras

b.  The act of thinking of figures like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Petrarch, and Leon Battista Alberti when describing the Renaissance because they are exemplary of independence in thought, action and creation.



1.  of, pertaining to, the dignity of all people: : “a moral and virtuous renaissance  person.”

a.  [counter-renaissance] ; the act of challenging;  “You may be saying, ‘Well, what about the women? They didn’t have liberty to express themselves.’ Wrong.”

b.  Not interested in creating a so-called “feminist” movement that is loaded with such a charged connotation today, but we want you to think, truly think. Why don’t we hear of the women artists that were kicking-ass, the powerful women in charge creating change, even the female writers and philosophers producing new ideas of thought? Because men were the one’s documenting, writing and sculpting their scriptures and not seeing women in the capacity to do the same.


   1. Swag (adj.);

a.  A modern term that has given birth to the capacity for women to show off their body in a sweet and sultry way, their minds in a sophisticated and creative manner, and to show themselves, wholeheartedly: “the women of the 21st century get their swag on each day and every day.

b.  confident, fun, promising, sexy, independent, memorable and remunerative.

   swagger noun
   swagging verb
   swagefy verb

Hopefully after that breakdown you can see the the term Renaissance Swag draws from a rebirth of ideas and at the same time gives birth to a new host of ideas giving you the possibility to be the best version of yourself. Pretty snazzy stuff, eh?

We royally and chicly invite you to embrace this term for yourself and to stay individually fit with an ever fluctuating world of expectation, role, ambition and desire. It’s challenging so that’s why we’ve developed numerous ways to teach you how to master yourself as you go about your life, whether in thought, in action, or in disposition. You can learn more about the creators of Renaissance Swag here.